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“The people make the city, if you heal the people, you heal the city. Let's create a healer in every home, and a Wellness Center in every Family” - Queen Afua

Founded nearly 10 years ago, Queen Afua Wellness Institute is a school for holistic wellness with students and graduates from around the globe. 

Our approach is to address the whole person in order to awaken the healer within. We understand that healing is an inside job and before you can heal others you have to first heal the woman/man in the mirror. 

Our multifaceted curriculum that addresses all facets of health and wellbeing, including self care, relationships, physical activity, family history, career, and spirituality.

We have a roster of over 75 master teachers who provide our students with all of the latest advances in the areas of health, wellness, self realization, coaching, and business, including educators like Dr Bernadette Sheridan M.D., Chef Lauren Von Der Pool, Supa Nova Slom, Rha Goddess, Baba Heru, and so many others! 

We’re on a mission to create cities of wellness across the world. We believe that the people make up the city. So, if you heal the people, you heal the city. We operate from the premise that if you empower those who will go out to do the same for others, it will cause a ripple effect across the globe. 

We have two tracks for you to travel based on your goals:


We have the Personal Wellness track that focuses on personal care, self healing, and finding your purpose.


The Professional Development track focuses on career training,  coach training and business acumen. 

Sacred Woman Rites of Passage

Personal Wellness

Sacred Woman is a 12-week rites of passage program designed to empower women, with practical tools for holistic well- being, rooted in ancient African cultural teachings.Be transformed from disease to wellness, from lack to abundance, from suffering to serenity, from weakness to power in 12 weeks.

Sacred Woman has helped to de-colonize African born women. Women who have been colonized on the Motherland. Sacred Woman is also for women who ancestrally survived the Atlantic Slave Trade. These women all share a legacy of African descent….The Stolen Legacy.

12 Weekly Online Gateway Workshops (self-study); Fine-tune your studies through the online virtual gateway teachings led by Queen Afua.

12 Weekly Gateway Recap live Q&A sessions with Master Teacher, Queen Afua (Sundays)

12 Weekly Gateway live Thursday night Academy sessions featuring special guest speakers to enhance your Gateway wisdom & knowledge.

12 Weekly Mentor Support sessions: Align your body, mind, and spirit in your "Sacred MentorCircle" for a more intimate sisterhood, which is guided by certified Sacred Woman Practitioners. Learn to Heal as you Fortify, Energize, Rejuvenate yourself by Implementing the Afrikan NaturalLifestyle.

Sacred Woman is a 12-week rites of passage program designed to empower women, with practical tools for holistic well- being, rooted in ancient African cultural teachings.

Learn the holistic science of: Herbs, Clay, Foods, Colors, Music, Flower Essences, Affirmations, Spiritual Baths, Meditations, Yoga, Dance, Words Of Power and Spiritual Sacred Woman Anatomical Gateways. Food As Medicine, Movement As Medicine, Male/Female Relationships, Beauty As Medicine, Purpose As Medicine; which help women to come out of the mind frame to evolve and blossom into whole vibrant women.

Training includes; Workshops Training Manual Sacred Woman Scroll Sacred Women Journal and Maat Feather of Harmony Learn & Live 12 Gateways of Afrikan Natural Lifestyle & Holistic Medicine for Total Transformation. Learn to become a holistically balanced, fortified and energized woman by implementing an African Natural Lifestyle to your daily routine.

SW Tools with Training:

SW scroll
MAAT Feather of Harmony

Man Heal Thyself
Wellness Warrior

Personal Wellness

"Utilizing principles from the book Man Heal Thyself Wellness Warrior The Journey To Self Mastery"

Man Heal Thyself is a 12-week rites of passage program designed to empower men, with practical tools for holistic well- being, rooted in ancient African cultural teachings.

This 12 week Rites of Passage is a personal healing training based on the Man Heal Thyself Wellness Technology System. Become the holistic healer among men in your communities, utilising principles from the book Man Heal Thyself: Journey to Optimum Wellness.

Learn how to overcome the archetypes of the Five wounded Men, and meet your inner Wellness Warrior, your Healing Juggernaut and Master Teacher. Each week you will discover another state from the 12 Rejuvenated States of Man, including “the Family of Wealth”, ”The Nature Man Regeneration”, “The Sexual Virile, Empowered Man” and more.

MHT Tools with Training:

Man’s Life Herbal Formula
MHTS Lifestyle Training Manual
Man Heal Thyself Scroll

Sacred Woman
Practitioner Certification

Professional Development

As a Sacred Woman Practitioner you are able to host Sacred Woman Sister Circles, Private Sacred Woman Gateway Wellness consultations, offer Spiritual Baths and Spiritual House Cleansings, Sacred woman Gateway Boutique Tools to your circle, offer purification spiritual baths & home cleansing to elevate your clients to physical, mental, & spiritual well being.

(*Prerequisite Sacred Woman Rites Of Passage)

Womb Yoga Dance Class

Personal Wellness

Womb Yoga Dance Class introduced 69 women to 69 Womb Yoga poses to stretch. Strengthen, fortify, woman while aiding them in releasing tension, trauma and stress from their womb, mind and heart and uterus. WYD incorporates 39 womb yoga dance movements to balance and harmonize the left brain and body of a woman.

There by balancing their emotional and [physical body. A total of 108 movements transform women from womb pain to womb peace, there by eliminating chronic PMS, fibroids, vagina dicharge, endometriosis, infertility with each pose and movement. 

Womb Yoga Dance
Teacher Certification

Professional Development

Womb Yoga Dance Teacher Certification is an intensive, 3-day Womb Yoga Dance Certification Training for the beginner, intermediate or advanced student of Yoga.

Participants will learn to teach the Womb Yoga Dance lifestyle that will help women to maintain a life of womb wellness. This 3 Day Certification Training is for Midwives, Doulas, Yoginis, Naturopaths, Energy Healers and lovers of wellness. Come and immerse yourself in the ancient spiritual, philosophical and meditative womb yoga system taught by holistic health practitioner and wellness veteran Queen Afua.

After this training you'll be able to teach this to your present and future clients using these techniques or just continue to incorporate them into your own lifestyle.

During this Womb Yoga Dance 3 Day Certification Training you will learn:
- 69 Powerful Womb Yoga Poses
- 39 Womb Healing Movements
- Womb Breathing Techniques
- Visualization Meditation Therapy
- Womb Healing Inversion Therapy
- Elemental Womb Energy and Holistic Readings
- How To Live A Holistic Lifestyle of Peace and Serenity

Sacred Womb Awaken
2 Day Virtual Retreat

Personal Wellness

Sacred Womb Awaken is a 2-day virtual experience where you will learn holistic methods for healing from fibroids, STDs, heavy bleeding, trauma and other womb issues. Through 7 Blossom State of Womb Wellness woman are introduced to the power, principles of common ground, to birthing a new world through womb purification and detoxification, to learning to gather natures tools for transformation, to healing the heart of the womb, to awaken the voice of the womb. For inner guidance, to birthing your purpose through womb awakening, and learning to reach out to family and sister friends to help them to heal themselves.

Circle to awaken the healer within journey through the Sacred Woman 12 gateways. Tap into the Holistic Medicine Woman Pathway from Antiquity to now as you heal your Body, Mind & Soul Sacredly.

In This Course You Will Learn How To Heal:

- Reoccurring fibroid tumors
- Cystic uterus and breastsChronic womb pain 
- Heavy menstrual bleeding- Menopausal Stress
- Wounded relationshipsInfertility- STDs
- Underground Sex Trafficking? 
- Female Mutilation? 
- Family incest and Toxic DNA attachment.

Sacred Womb Awaken
Practitioner Certification
For Womb, Breast & Heart Care

Professional Development

Sacred Womb Awaken: Together we can achieve Womb Wellness Worldwide Through The Seven Lotus Blossom Journey teachings of mind, body, and spiritual womb transformation by Queen Afua. 

The goal is to empower women with the knowledge to holistically protect and restore herself and her womb. Take this training once you have restored yourself through the introductory Womb Wellness training and then take the 3-Day Sacred Womb Awaken Certification training  and you will be able to form Womb Wellness healing Circles & Womb Breast Heart Consultations and Coaching.

21 DAY Detox Your Life
Digital Program

Personal Wellness

Detox Your Life is a 10-part, digital course where Queen Afua teaches step by step instruction on  how to detox yourself holistically while creating a wellness centered home from setting up your Wellness Nutrition Kitchen with delicious recipes, herbs, tonics, and smoothies. Eat food as medicine, to transforming your bathroom into a hydrotherapy self healing room, to transforming your bedroom into a regeneration room, to your living room into a place of serenity.

Along with transforming your house to a wellness home. Receive a wellness certification to help you prevent disease that plague your family from high blood pressure to arthritis, from headaches to stress, etc.Learn how to offer a 3/7 or 21 day detox. Set up your heal thyself spa and shop. Transform Prepare food from Nutrition Kitchen. Learn how to heal yourself daily as a way of Life. 

Emerald Green Holistic
Practitioner Certification

Professional Development

Emerald Green is a training program for holistic health practitioners that focuses on food as medicine, energy readings, business development and holistic health coaching. Learn how to teach your clients how to detox from 103 diseases from diabetes, obesity, asthmatic pain, etc.

Start a career in the health and wellness industry. Join an international network of holistic health practitioners. Home is the new hospital and self-care is the future of healthcare.

"Together We Will Build Families, Community, and Cities of Wellness Globally"

Tools included with training:

Clear quartz pendulum
21 day detox kit (12 formulas, 3 charts, 1 manual)

Light of the Moon
Training with Queen Esther


We are all a product of our environment and the areas that we live in. Treat yourself to a journey into the cosmic realm where we awaken to the reality of how we are connected to the planetary family.

Built from a holistic perspective , this class aligns the 8 phases of the moon to 4 key aspects of wellness. This program is designed to inspire and encourage you to strengthen your physical body, elevate your mind, align your spirit, and recognise your highest potential. In the class we will learn that the moon’s 28 day cycles are also connected to our monthly menstrual cycle.

This course helps us to realign ourselves with nature's rhythm. Rhythms keep us balanced and in sync so we can develop consistent patterns and formulas  for success more easily. You will also become sensitive to the different cycles and energy it brings.

Join the celestial sisterhood which is designed to enable the unification of women worldwide.