Practitioner Certification


SWP represents leadership in the sacred woman. Upon completing the Sacred Woman Rites of Passage and Holistic movement. Women are able to attend this seasonal Sacred Woman advanced training offered to equip future leaders in the wellness movement. 

Host SW sister circlets unify women from various walks of life. 

Offer SW one on one consultations/coaching sessions to aid women in experiencing a holistic recovery to body, mind, and spirit.

SWP are able to transform womenwithin their own home through offering spiritual baths to help women to release trauma as well as offer Sacred Women house blessings cleanse the chap out of the home. SWP offer Introductory holistic gateway energy reading over the phone, at expos, retreats, etc. SWP shares tools and keys on how to heal thyself. SWP are trained to set up a kiosk for the SW mentees to purchase the heal thyself wellness products, books, and charts. 



The training is a 12 week program given by queen afua. The founder & spiritual guide of the global SW movement. The training covers a 7 Part teaching in addition to Independently hosting Sacred Woman:

● Sister Circles 
● Private Consultations and Coaching 
● Spiritual Baths 
● Spiritual House Blessings 
● One on One 10 minute Tune-Up 
● Learn how to Present to Students the Heal thyself Kiosk
● Learn how to present sacred woman students products from spiritual boutique 
● Learn how to prepare cleansing, clay and breathe of life formulas from green life nutrition formulas to the master formulas. 



All of our courses work hand in hand with our products, see what people have to say about them all.

“Just when I thought I was all alone, I found myself walking with a group of conscious women who were taking sacred steps and speaking sacred words through Queen Afua's Global Sacred Woman Village."

Erykah Badu - Multi Gramy Award Winning Singer & Song Writer

"I was dively introduced to Queen Afua in January of 2019. I was clouded and confused about my power in the feminine. I began reading Sacred woman and it completely transformed my life. In March [2019] I lost my beloved. Queen assisted me in healing and connecting deeper into my soul."

Lauren London - Actress + Activist

"This book [Sacred Woman] was one of the first that helped me start practices as a young woman that focused on my body and spirit as one."

Jada Pinkett Smith - Actress

“Queen Afua has clearly established herself as the mother architect of healing.”

- speaker, lawyer, author, life coach & TV personality.

"I would recommend to any woman suffering from fibroids to read queen afua’s sacred woman book. it is filled with information linking physical, dietary, emotional and spiritual healing of the womb. in my journey healing from fibroids i have often found it helpful to pick up queen afua’s book and read a chapter at random to help me stay on the path of self love and womb recovery."

JFK Twigs - Recording Artist & Dancer

“Queen Afua’s works represent the first step to self-healing, a template for healing, clear thinking, forgiveness and release. Yes, it is possible for holistic strategies and mainstream medical to align.”

Dr. Bernadette L. Sheridan


SWP are examples of wellness . They have internalized the SW gateways as a healing palm for women’s empowerment. They are ambassadors of the sw movement who offer hands on and hands and around each woman that is in need. Attend group private sessions in person and online meetings . 


April 11th - July 18th